“..not only technical prowess but intellectual perception and telling interpretive instincts.”
– New York Times

“It is difficult to pinpoint what makes this pianist so expressive, for in her playing everything works together…Coop has that extra something that lets a pianist become a poet.”
– Montreal Gazette

“Jane Coop, Canada’s premier Mozart pianist, was on hand to do honours at the keyboard, giving another spirited, musically sophisticated account of one of her favourite composer’s music.”
– Calgary Herald Download full review here

“It was some performance (Schubert: Sonata in A Major, D.959), and it lingered in the mind all the way through the substantial remainder of the program.”
– The Toronto Star

“Her Mozart had a taut elegance as well as sparkle and passion.”
– The Washington Post

“She beguiled her audience with a style of playing that contained clarity of line, poise, finesse, polish and a high degree of sensitivity.”
– Calgary Herald Download full review here

“She showed herself to be a cultivated and intelligent musician, sometimes unconventional, but always in a persuasive, not a quirky way.”
– The New Yorker

“Only a handful of KWS (Kitchener Waterloo Symphony) guest pianists in recent memory have possessed anything like the skill, temperament and rapport Coop brought to a work (Ravel: Concerto in G) whose formidable technical demands seemed to dissolve under her fingers”
– The Record

“Coop’s high standing as a Chopin interpreter is a tribute to her ability to render microscopic detail without endangering the line. She lets you see every vein on every leaf on every tree, but she never lets you forget the woods. Being the consummate artist she is, Coop brought the work (Chopin: Concerto in f minor) home safely, her solo passages radiant with romantic filigree.”
– Halifax Chronicle-Herald

“On the platform were two artists so thoroughly inside every twist and turn of these great works (Coop and Dawes playing Beethoven) you found yourself looking past the performers to the inner workings of the music.”
– Winnipeg Free Press

“The performance yesterday was not just a partnership of equals, but an exercise in deep musical understanding” (Coop and Dawes)
– Ottawa Citizen


“Beautiful musicianship as much as stunning pianism marks this as one of the finest Chopin discs of the decade.” (Skylark 9601)
– inTune Magazine Download full review here

“Her playing is straightforward, intelligent, poised, and sensitive. Her tone is warm, her technique flawless, her temperament poetic.” (Skylark 8801 & 8802)
– Musical America

“I can’t think of a recorded Chopin recital I’ve enjoyed as much since Perahia’s last one (Sony SK 64399), and listeners for whom Dinu Lipatti is the touchstone of pianistic perfection will find much to like here.” (Skylark 9601)
– Fi Magazine Download full review here

“Jane Coop turns in powerhouse performances here of two 20th-century classics (Prokofiev No. 1, Bartok No. 3) and introduces an intriguing, strongly rhythmic concerto by Edmonton composer Malcolm Forsyth” (CBC SM5000)
– Classical Music Magazine

“As for Coop, there may be a better Beethoven pianist around, but I’ve yet to hear one.” (Skylark 0101)
– Ottawa Citizen

“Polished, authoritative, impeccably musical, conspicuously intelligent, unshowily perceptive.” (Haydn Skylark 8501)
– Piano Magazine (Britain) Download full review here

“Beautiful performances. Spacious sound. Highly recommended.” (Chopin: Late Works Skylark 9902)
– American Record Guide

“A cleverly programmed disc of significant early and mid 20th Century English piano concertos winningly performed in superb sound. Pianist Jane Coop executes the music flawlessly. Highly recommended.” (English Piano Concerti CBC SMCD5208)
– Audiophile Audition

“Lederer and Coop give us scrupulous and shapely performances.” (Sonatas of Bax and Bowen Centaur CRC2660)
– Gramaphone Magazine